Managed Wi-Fi Can Help Keep Your Business More Connected

The stronger the Wi-Fi, the better the business connection

In our mobile world, accessible and dependable Wi-Fi service is pretty much a basic requirement for any business to thrive. The challenge for organizations is creating a dependable Wi-Fi experience that works seamlessly across all channels while being scalable and configurable enough to maintain network security. RCN’s Managed Wi-Fi is a viable solution to ensure reliable and constant connectivity for all parties.

Understand the benefits of a Managed Wi-Fi solution

Several businesses struggle with the efficiency of Wi-Fi connections. Available Wi-Fi options must manage thousands of users on a wide variety of devices while delivering enterprise-grade internet connectivity. The sheer magnitude of this management job could keep multiple IT personnel busy full-time. A managed service frees up those personnel to concentrate on more pressing business matters.

Managed Wi-Fi is more than managing users and their access, it’s managing the entire life cycle of the network. From the design of the entire business network to the physical set up of the devices and ending with installing the proper wireless access, this process proves to be a daunting task for businesses, particularly small to mid-sized. A Managed Wi-Fi service delivers centralized management for network monitoring and user authentication along with the option to adjust physical hardware without having to research, purchase, or install the hardware yourself.

This access to Wi-Fi has become a 21st Century business imperative. Wi-Fi availability is no longer negotiable, and if you don’t provide it, someone else will. Technology-enabled hubs are popping up at stores, banks, restaurants, and even hospitals to improve the customer experience and to maintain brand loyalty.

A secure, scalable and stress-free Wi-Fi network is the goal, and a cloud-based Managed Wi-Fi service is the way of the future. For more information on how RCN Business can help create a solution for your business, give us a call at 1-877-726-7000 or request a free consultation by email.