How Technology Improves The Employee Experience

Attract and retain top-level talent through technology

  • I wish I could find good help.
  • My employees keep leaving right after I get them up to speed.
  • I need to squeeze more productivity out of my staff.

If you've had any of these thoughts, then perhaps you should consider the impact of technology on your operations. A poor employee experience can result in low morale, reduced job performance and higher turnover rates.

Business is becoming more mobilized and digitized every day. As a younger generation enters the workforce, organizations must change to meet the modern expectations of employees. Savvy business leaders recognize that emerging technologies will help their organization remain competitive – but it's not just about work. Companies are trying to find the right mix of business tools and environmental aesthetics to create a positive atmosphere, and have found technology can play a significant role in helping them attract and retain top-level talent. It's no longer okay to plop a new hire into a cubicle with a PC and landline and say, Get to work.

How Technology Improves The Employee Experience

In a retail environment, that technology may take the form of wireless headsets to enable intra-store communication among associates to improve customer assistance, or using smartphones equipped with chip readers to ring up customers anywhere in the store. In a restaurant, it may be wait staff entering orders into a wireless tablet at the booth for faster service. In an office, it may mean adopting device-independent cloud technology or implementing real-time video conferencing with remote collaboration tools to facilitate team-based projects. Shared Google or G Suite applications put all employees on the same page or spreadsheet…literally.

Technology can affect the office atmosphere as well, making your business a place employees want to come to work and stay, further increasing productivity. It's more than putting a ping pong table in the common area, having a nap room or casual Fridays. Those are great stress relievers, but don't necessarily increase productivity. These things do: Enabling seamless connectivity as employees move about the business. Permitting employees to use the computing platform of their choice – Windows, Mac, IoS or Android devices without interoperability issues. Allowing employees to order meals or dry cleaning online and have it delivered to their desk rather than leave the building for a 60 minute break. (And when they're not in the building, providing the connectivity to efficiently tele-commute from home or the road.)

A positive employee experience is also about providing access to applications and technologies that simplify their routines or make them feel more valued. Event scheduling software allows for remote booking of meetings and conference rooms. Software apps make it easy to request time off, enter travel expenses or see 401k balances without bothering HR personnel. Cameras in the daycare center let parents remotely check on toddlers from their smartphones. Managers can share promo codes to rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft to get employees home safe after late night events.

Through technology, the employee experience can be improved by providing easy access to work- and social-related resources while streamlining company-wide collaboration efforts. As a result, employees have a more positive outlook towards their job, leading to higher retention rates and productivity for the business. Ultimately, this creates a direct competitive advantage for businesses that choose to invest in technologies that impact their employees' well-being. Because at the end of the day, you want your employees to say, Sure, I work hard, but the place is fantastic!

With expertise in cloud solutions and emerging technologies, we can help your business implement the solutions you need to give employees easy access to the information they need while fostering an environment for success.

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