Faster Internet is Better

Higher-speed Internet benefits your small business

Ben Franklin’s insightful quote, “time is money,” has never been more relevant than it is to business today. To compete successfully, businesses must maximize productivity. The Internet has become the most important tool to effectively communicate with customers, suppliers and employees. Companies big and small rely on high-speed Internet for email communications, sales and marketing efforts, research, eCommerce, and cloud applications. Faster Internet allows for quicker downloads, crystal-clear video conferencing, buffer-free video streaming and more. Regardless of the application – no business can afford to wait on slow internet.

The number of employees/Internet users and content transferred also affects the speed and reliability of a network. As a result, the Internet speed you used last year may not be the right one today, especially if your company has grown. To keep up with increased Internet demands and to ensure optimum performance it’s best to reassess Internet speed on a regular basis to ensure your speeds are optimal.

RCN Business provides an assortment of affordable Internet packages to meet your business needs.
Speed 25 MBPS
Upload Speed: 5 Mbps
Upload Speed: 10 Mbps
Upload Speed: 15 Mbps
110 MBPS
Upload Speed: 15 Mbps
Ideal for:

  • 2-4 users or devices
  • Home-Based and Small Businesses
  • Email
  • Average volume transaction processing
  • Large email files
  • Web browsing

  • 3-6 users or devices
  • High volume transaction processing
  • Large email attachments
  • Moderate internet needs
  • Web browsing & file sharing
  • Point of sale terminals

  • Ideal for 5-10 users or devices
  • Heavy Web Browsing
  • Cloud Applications Connectivity
  • On-line Backups and File Sharing
  • Advanced Internet Needs

  • Ideal for 8-12 users or devices
  • Regular On-line Backups and File Sharing/li>
  • Video Conferences
  • eCommerce and Hosted Servers
  • Heavy Internet Usage

Count on RCN Business Internet for:

  • Reliable high-speed Internet delivered over RCN’s wholly owned, fiber-rich network
  • Unparalleled speed and reliability to help increase productivity and efficiency
  • Award winning performance and support
  • Wi-Fi access, firewall protection and static IP addresses
  • 24/7 dedicated local support