Ethernet and the Cloud:
How a direct connection benefits IT

Businesses across a variety of industries have quickly adopted cloud computing as one of their key IT components. With this evolution comes an increased need for enhanced security, reliability and a high-performance network. Through private Ethernet connections like those offered by RCN Business to Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers, IT professionals will be able to address these needs and harness the power of the cloud.

A great advantage to using Ethernet technology for connecting to cloud applications is the ability for businesses to bypass the public Internet. Not having the ability to do this has the potential to both slow down your network as well as make you vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Through Ethernet technology like dedicated point-to-point E-Line, your business will be able to receive a private connection, plus:

  • Enhanced security – Harmful traffic is isolated from the public internet as a result of the data between the enterprise access point and the cloud being routed entirely across the E-Line network
  • Better resiliency – The fiber ring topology inherent in E-line helps protect critical data and provide superior network availability
  • Maximized performance – Ethernet speeds from a fiber-based service will provide enhanced throughput and optimized connectivity between business location and the cloud
  • Cost efficient – Having a direct connection using Ethernet technology will allow for a more reliable service which, in turn, mitigates revenue costs associated with service degradation brought by the unpredictability of public Internet.

When venturing into the cloud, it’s ideal to create safeguards ensuring the data you pass through is secure. With RCN’s wholly-owned network you’re sure to receive a fast, reliable and secure connection each time.