The Benefits of Transitioning to Ethernet

Updating IT infrastructure can be a daunting task. With the combination of budget pressures and expectations to deliver higher performance at a lower cost, it’s easy to see why some IT professionals are hesitant to change. There are great benefits for those companies looking to draw out the savings inherent in combining voice and data networks into one converged Ethernet network.

According to the IDC, Ethernet services are expected to grow by more than 26% in the next two years. This potential growth can be credited to Ethernet’s: simplicity, cost reduction, and its open-standards approach.

Compared with legacy technologies such as MPLS, ATM and Frame Relay, Ethernet provides greater flexibility and simplicity. MPLS, for instance, requires all network devices and management tools to be compatible with both MPLS and Ethernet. This makes networks more expensive and complex. However, when organizations deploy an all Ethernet infrastructure network management is simplified, ultimately reducing costs significantly.

In addition to Ethernet’s simplicity, work on new protocols have resulted in Ethernet speeds reaching well beyond 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). In fact, 40 GbE and 100 GbE are seeing widespread adoption today in networks around the world.

The benefits Ethernet provides spans across many different industries. For example, those in the healthcare industry can take advantage of Ethernet Private Line configurations to provide secure network connections and help protect patient privacy. In addition, those organizations in the financial industry can leverage Ethernet to design regional private data networks backed by highly resilient ring topologies.

While the fundamental Ethernet technology is familiar to most IT personnel, not all Ethernet service providers are created equal. It’s important to partner with a carrier that has expertise in meeting service performance requirements. To gain more insight into the benefits of Ethernet and how IT managers can begin to solve real world problems and prepare for future growth, download our eBook: “Ethernet: Your Technology Partner for the Future.”