How Augmented Reality Improves The Customer And Employee Experience

One of the greatest challenges of selling a product or service is helping buyers better envision its use within their organizations. One of the greatest benefits of augmented reality is that it shows your solution in place in the buyers’ world without them ever leaving their desk.

How Augmented Reality Improves The Customer And Employee Experience

Several highly successful trends surrounding AR are now emerging in industries that are allowing customers to drive the sales experience in new directions. In the following four use cases (and there are many more), we’ll look at how AR is being used in business to create invaluable encounters that both delight customers and improve staff performance.

In this article, we dive into the top 4 ways AR technology is being used today to improve the customer and employee experience.

1. Your products shine like never before

In the retail industry, AR is helping drive customer engagement by replicating the in-store experience online. Customers can see how furniture would look and fit in a room, choose a favorite dress from a variety of colors or “try on” a pair of eyeglasses, changing styles on an actual image of your face, to get a better sense of the product.

2. Take a step into a virtual environment

Those in real estate are leveraging AR to offer home buyers a highly interactive experience where they can literally “walk through” each room and get an instantly familiar sense of the space. Decorating your new home but don’t like the color of the walls? AR lets you change an image instantly. This helps your buyers to make better informed decisions and helps your agents promote their listings in the most authentic way.

3. Get new hires up to speed faster

Onboarding new employees can be a time-consuming and costly process for businesses. AR is starting to change that. Instead of having your HR team spend hours guiding a new employee through your onboarding process, the new hires can scan AR symbols with their phone as they move around the office, with information on different work areas, protocols and policies. AR can also be updated at any time, so you can adapt content as your business changes.

4. Streamline your automotive diagnostics and sales

The old days of blindly searching for the problem in auto repair have been replaced with new applications for tablets that allow mechanics to diagnose problems faster and more efficiently, using accurate visualizations of the inner workings of the car. Customers can also take virtual test drives of new cars online and virtually feel the wind in their hair.


It’s clear that augmented reality can be a key differentiator for thousands of businesses like yours looking for new revenue, brand loyalty, and effective company promotion. When it comes to the realities of business communications, RCN is a proven leader. Contact us to learn more about our Internet, data, and voice solutions.