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Included Calling Features

Ultra Feature Package

In addition to clear calls and increased reliability, your phone service includes 17 FREE calling features! With Call Waiting, Caller ID, 3-Way Calling, Voicemail and more, now it costs even less to stay connected. How does each feature work?

Anonymous Call Rejection Program your phone to reject "Private", "Blocked" or "Anonymous" callers and/or callers who use Caller ID Blocking.
Basic Voicemail You don't need an answering machine - we provide digital voicemail. Receive up to 20 messages that are saved for 30 days or until deleted.
Call Forward Busy When your line is busy, your calls will be forwarded to a designated number.
Call Foward Don't Answer If you don’t answer after 6 rings, your calls will be forwarded to a designated number.
Call Forward Remote Activation Activate and deactivate the call forward feature when you are away from home.
Call Forward Variable Call Forward Variable forwards incoming calls to a number of your choice, when your line is busy or unanswered.
Call Logs Login to the MyRCN customer center and view your call logs. You can track phone calls or find a number recently dialed.
Call Return Get the number of the last incoming call you received. Also get time/date information and return the call instantly by pressing only one button.
Call Waiting You'll hear a short beep if someone calls you while you’re on the phone. Know who's calling you and decide whether or not to answer the incoming call while the first caller holds.
Caller ID Your friends will think you're a good sleuth. Know the name and number of the telephone you're being called from before you answer the call.* *Must provide caller ID box or have phone with Caller ID functionality.
Caller ID for TiVo® If you have RCN Digital Phone and TiVo® service from RCN, you can now get Caller ID on your TV. Simply turn on the feature and you’ll see the name and phone number of incoming calls on your main TV.
Call Waiting with Caller ID The Caller ID and Call Waiting features on your Home Phone work together. When you are on the phone and another caller tries to reach you, a special tone or beep alerts you to the waiting call, and the name and number of the person phoning is displayed on your Caller ID screen or telephone handset.
Distinctive Ring Distinctive Ring allows you to have up to 2 additional phone numbers while having only one physical line. Each number has a special ring cadence which lets you determine what number is being called. You may have one free directory listing for each distinctive ring number.
Repeat Call Outsmart busy signals. Your phone can automatically redial a number every 40 seconds (for up to 30 minutes) and alert you when the call goes through.
Selective Call Forwarding Re-route incoming calls to another phone. If you're expecting an important call and want to leave home or go out of town, forward calls to a cell phone.
Selective Call Rejection Enter numbers that you don't want to receive incoming calls from and they will be blocked.
Speed Dial Call your mom frequently? Program up to 8 numbers on speed dial and press only 1 digit to make the call.
Three-Way Calling Three people, three phones, one conversation. No problem. Add a third party to a traditional two-way phone call.
Disclaimer: Ultra Feature Package only available to customers with MetaSwitch phone service. All new customers have MetaSwitch phone installed unless the location is unable to accommodate. If you are an existing RCN customer, and wish to upgrade to the Ultra Feature Package, call 1-800-RING-RCN.

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Not all services are available in all areas. Calls to international countries will be rated on a per-minute basis. RCN does not provide Caller ID equipment. Additional charges apply to new or moved phone jacks and may apply to additional cable jacks as well as custom or non-standard installation work. Other restrictions may apply.