Can I get service at my home?
Check to see if RCN is available to you.

High Speed Internet in Boston

What You Need

We'll install your Internet connection with the modem of your choice or you may choose to use an RCN modem. Professional technicians will install your service and you'll also get free 24/7 technical support. You'll need to make sure your computer meets our recommended system requirements and decide if you want wireless Internet/WiFi in your home.

High-Speed Internet

RCN Modem Service

RCN Internet access is fiber rich resulting in a super-fast online experience. We will provide and install a high-quality modem with your service.

If at any time you decide to use your own modem, you must return the one we installed in your home to one of our payment centers or you can simply package your modem for shipment and use a prepaid equipment return label.

High-Speed Internet

Bring Your Own Modem

While many models will work on our network, some will simply work better. To achieve optimal speeds, we recommend connecting to one of our preferred modems. If you would like to use your own modem, please verify minimum system requirements here.

Minimum Modem Requirements
Service Speed 25 Mbps or less 50 Mbps or less 110 Mbps or less 330 Mbps or less
Minimum Modem DOCSIS Type DOCSIS 2.0 DOCSIS 3.0 DOCSIS 3.0 DOCSIS 3.0
RCN Equipment Required - - 3:1 RCN Gateway 3:1 RCN Gateway
Minimum Downstream Channel(s) N/A 8
Minimum Upstream Channel(s) N/A 2
*Please note EURODOCSIS cable modems are not supported in the United States

For Internet speeds of 110Mbps, 330Mbps or higher, customer cannot bring their own equipment as the RCN 3:1 Gateway is required. Because this is an integrated device and includes a cable modem and wireless router, you do not need a separate wired or wireless router nor is an Ethernet MoCa bridge required – this functionality is built into the device.

If you wish to use your own equipment for 50Mbps, 25Mbps or less, please see the manufacturer’s website for technical specifications. Please note that while some manufacturers indicate they provide a specific range of speeds, they must meet the above downstream/upstream channel recommendations in order to receive optimal RCN Internet speeds.

High-Speed Internet

Going Wireless

Unplug And Go Wireless... Getting a wireless Internet connection is easy. A wireless router can be installed in your home with Internet access for up to four devices including personal computers and game consoles. Installation includes device configuration.

If you have selected RCN Internet speed of 330mbps (or 110mbps in Lehigh Valley) for your home, you must use the Arris Touchstone DG1670 gateway included with your service. Because this is a 3 in 1 device, you do not need a separate wired or wireless router nor is an Ethernet MoCa bridge required – this functionality built into the device.

Learn more about setting up WiFi at home

High-Speed Internet

Computer Requirements

Our advanced fiber-optic network and the cable modem installed in your home deliver a fast Internet connection, but your computer plays an important part. To ensure functional and optimal performance, check to see if your computer meets our recommended system requirements.

IBM Compatible

  • Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
  • Hard Drive Space: 60MB (90MB or more recommended)
  • Ethernet Card: 10 Base-T or 10/100 Base-T*

*RCN highly recommends that you have the Ethernet card installed and tested by a computer technician to ensure proper functionality.


  • Operating System: OS 10.2 or higher
  • Hard Drive Space: 60MB (90MB or more recommended)
  • Ethernet Card: Required*

*Most come pre-installed with an Ethernet card. If not, you will need to install one.

Tips For Getting a Faster Internet Connection

  • Connecting your cable modem to your computer via a USB cable may slow you down.

  • If you're using a PC, download all available Microsoft operating system patches. Downloading these patches is critical to the performance of your PC.

  • Programs that run in the background such as instant messaging software, email clients like Outlook Express, or any other program that is connected to the Internet, communicate over the same cable modem so closing them will free up bandwidth.

  • If you are using a wireless Internet connection, your speed may be slower than your actual cable modem speed. Connecting directly to the Internet when downloading large files will reduce download times.

Service offerings are contingent upon RCN verification that the specific address covered by the service request is an RCN serviceable location. Prices do not include taxes, franchise fees or other surcharges. Services and pricing are subject to change. All photos used within are intellectual properties of their respective owners. Services are subject to terms and conditions of RCN’s subscriber agreements, on-line policies, and other applicable terms and conditions. Other restrictions may apply.

High-speed modem required for RCN High-Speed Internet service. If a data outlet is needed, an additional outlet fee may apply in addition to applicable installation fees. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.