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Outside Wiring

 Who do I need to contact if I am making renovations or adding an addition to my home which requires me to move outside cable lines or locate under ground wiring?

Customers doing any excavation work on their property must contact the "One Call" center for his/her state to have their under ground wiring located and marked out. The One Call center will contact RCN and request us to mark the location of our underground cables. Please see the section below to find the telephone number for the One Call center in your area.

Customers adding an addition to their home or making other renovations that require RCN to relocate our cable wiring or any other RCN equipment must call 1.800.RING.RCN to make the appropriate arrangements.

Contact numbers for "One Call" centers.

State laws require anyone who digs to notify utility companies before starting.

Anyone who needs to know the location of underground cables should contact the appropriate "One Call" center for his/her state. That center will then contact RCN to mark the location of our underground cables.

"One Call" Centers or the Dig Safe System is a communication network, assisting excavators, contractors and property owners in complying with state law by notifying the appropriate utilities before digging. These centers notify RCN of proposed excavation projects. In turn, RCN responds to the work area and identifies the location of underground facilities.

** One Call" Centers or the Dig Safe System Contact numbers:

ILLINOIS - Digger (312) 744-7000

MASSACHUSETTS - 888) 344-7233

NEW JERSEY - (800) 272-1000


Underground Facility Protection Organization (800) 962-7962

New York City - Long Island One Call Center (800) 272-4480

PENNSYLVANIA - (800) 242-1776


Miss Utility of Virginia (800) 552-7001

Miss Utility (800) 257-7777

Miss Utility of Delmarva (800) 441-8355

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Miss Utility (800) 257-7777


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