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Gary Laubach

Behind the Mic: NFL Odds

Since there were so many upsets the first two weeks in the NFL, I got to wondering how the Las Vegas odds makers were faring.  Las Vegas is one place with a legal US sports book for gamblers.  There are, also, legal online sites...OR you could choose a local guy, but you should understand that doing that is illegal. I am certainly aware that no one throws an “illegal procedure” flag on the millions of people who play fantasy football, NFL “tickets” or get into “survivor” pools.  There is no question that being involved in these weekly competitions makes watching the NFL that … [Continue Reading ...]

Chris Michael

The SportsTalk Shop: The Partnership

If you go back through the archives and read one of the earliest “SportsTalk Shop” blog entries that I ever wrote, I spoke at length about my admiration for The Morning Call Senior Sports Writer, Keith Groller, for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons was how much I was impressed by his passion for local sports coverage—almost to, what some may believe, a fault. A number of years ago, Keith was covering “higher end” sports as the NBA/76ers beat guy for the “Call.”  He made the surprising decision to give up covering professional basketball to devote more of … [Continue Reading ...]

Gary Laubach

Behind the Mic: Common Sense

Thomas Paine wrote three works that, after this weekend, seem appropriate to reflect on as they pertain to the National Anthem and some players in the National Football League.  The titles of these three works speak volumes in themselves – Common Sense, The Rights of Man, and The Age of Reason. When I was teaching, I taught a course called “Books That Changed the World” (The Prince, An Essay on the Principle of Population, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Mein Kampf, etc.) and one of the books I chose was Common Sense.  It was written in 1776 and its sole purpose was to convince the colonists … [Continue Reading ...]