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Gary Laubach

Behind the Mic: Recruiting – At Its Worst

The word “recruiting” in high school sports is certainly a derogatory term.  Schools who feel victimized believe another institution has invaded their territory to grab one of their finest athletes in order to make their own team stronger.  Both public and private schools have been accused of “recruiting”.  Private schools can be a bit more open with the practice because, by their very nature, they “recruit” in order to populate their institutions.  They have the advantage of bringing students in from public school territory and, often, enhancing their athletic teams at the … [Continue Reading ...]

Chris Michael

The SportsTalk Shop: HS Basketball Playoffs (Part 2)

Recently here at the "SportsTalk Shop," we brought you highlights and insights on the larger Lehigh Valley basketball teams in this winter's playoffs.  This week we look at some of the smaller schools, and a few of the girls teams that I had a chance to catch-up with over the last few weeks. Like most basketball seasons, Allentown Central Catholic boys team is a favorite to compete for a District XI 3A title.  The Vikings are in search of their fifth straight championship, and may present the best chance of any team in the RCN area to win it.  The #1 seed is Pottsville--a team that also … [Continue Reading ...]

Gary Laubach

Behind the Mic: Cheating — Even in the Little League

It is not unusual for me to spout off to anyone who will listen about the value of athletics.  I like to point out that you learn to be a part of a team; you learn to sacrifice your time for the greater good; you learn that hard work and dedication leads to success; you learn that individual accomplishment is often aided by others; and you learn that competition makes you stronger.  That has always been my mantra and, I would like to think that over the years, the young people I have watched garner success have done so the right way and for the right reasons. And then you get hit with … [Continue Reading ...]