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Gary Laubach

Behind the Mic: “Final 4 – Q and A”

Remember last week how everyone was bemoaning the fact that they were doing so poorly in their office pool?  After this past weekend, I would think there would be less gnashing of teeth and more people still having a little bit of skin in the game.  After all the early upsets, three #1 seeds are still alive and a coach they call the “Master of March”, Tom Izzo of Michigan State, has his team playing in Indianapolis.  Michigan State last won a national championship in 2000 and Tom Izzo was the coach. I have three teams still alive in our “for entertainment purposes only” office … [Continue Reading ...]

Chris Michael

The SportsTalk Shop: The “Crossover” Season

‘Tis the season. There is a well-known sports term perfectly describing this time of year for many involved in athletics.  It’s the time of year when all the winter sports are climaxing to an exhilarating finish.  “March Madness,” state tournaments and final swimming and diving meets…all with their elaborate playoff systems formed to create an exciting and balanced formula, pitting the best teams, and individuals squaring off against each other and building in intensity until reaching their conclusions.  With any luck, the results are memorable and thrilling finales.  As we … [Continue Reading ...]

Gary Laubach

Behind the Mic: Invited to the Dance

I received an invitation to the Dance last week.  Lafayette College asked me to go to Pittsburgh for the start of the NCAA tournament and do some internet work for them leading up to the first round game: Lafayette vs Villanova.  RCN was kind enough to allow me to go.  I am glad I did. In the past, high school basketball conflicted with the NCAA tournament first round so I was never able to attend.  Now, it seems that the college season is pushed back one week and there is no conflict. We left the Kirby Sports Center on Wednesday morning and arrived in Pittsburgh at 3:00pm.  The … [Continue Reading ...]