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Gary Laubach

Behind the Mic: Ronald (McDonald) and George

As a high school English teacher for almost thirty years, I used to get frustrated by the misconception about young people.  Based on newspaper reports and TV news, the only stories readers and viewers often saw about the young were reports of teenagers getting into trouble.  As a teacher, I saw so many really terrific young students, who far outnumbered the troubled ones, that I thought it unfair when people spoke of the “youth of today”. This week offered up two very good examples of what I am talking about.  On Thursday night, the 45th annual McDonald’s All-Star Football Classic … [Continue Reading ...]

The SportsTalk Shop: The End of an Era

Guest blogger, Cathy Neelon, is filling in while Chris takes some time off.  Cathy is a member of the RCN-TV staff and an avid fan of horse racing.  Chris will return with a new blog June 29. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Saturday, June 6, 2015… There I was, hunched over in my seat at Coca-Cola Park, in the midst of a crowd of waving, hollering IronPigs fans. With eyes closed and fingers jamming my earbuds as far into my ears as they could go without coming out the other side, I desperately tried to … [Continue Reading ...]

Gary Laubach

Behind the Mic: The Crew

RCN-TV does a large number of broadcasts.  The viewers at home get a glimpse of the announcers and they, hopefully, enjoy listening to them.  Fans often come up to those same announcers to tell them how much they enjoyed the broadcast, offer some trivia, and converse about the event.  That’s all well and good, but don’t forget the people who do the really hard, physical work behind the scenes – THE CREW! This past week sure proved that.  As many of you know by now, RCN-TV is the production team for PCN (Pennsylvania’s Cable Network) when they broadcast the PIAA state baseball … [Continue Reading ...]