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Caller ID Block

Caller ID Block

Caller ID Block prevents the subscriber's phone number and name from appearing on the called party's Caller ID display unit.

  • When a customer subscribes to Caller ID Blocking, it remains active on the line.
  • Instead of the customer's name/ phone number being displayed on the Caller ID, the called party sees "P," "Private," or "Anonymous" on their display units.

Caller ID Block may be temporarily disabled in order to call someone who has Anonymous Call Rejection on their line.

  • If the called party subscribes to Anonymous Call Rejection, the subscriber's call will not be completed because this feature denies calls from Private or Anonymous callers.

To temporarily disable Caller ID Block

  • Lift receiver and listen for dial tone.
  • Dial *82.
  • Listen for the tone.
  • Dial the telephone number you wish to call.
  • The subscriber's name/number will appear on the caller ID of the called party.
  • After hanging up, Caller ID Block automatically reactivates.

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