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Customers with a Digital Converter Box or HD Converter Box
(Interactive Program Guide with Picture)

Explore every aspect of your new Interactive Program Guide, from new search tools to accessing HD options. Simply click on a link below to download the applicable chapter.

  Chapter 1: Watching TV (1.2 MB, PDF)
A quick introduction to power controls, audio set-ups and selecting channels using your remote control.
  Chapter 2: Using the Channel Banner (1.3 MB, PDF)
Shows how to browse through programming and get details using this convenient display.
  Chapter 3: Using QuickMenu (1.1 MB, PDF)
Basic instructions on how to access and launch special services from RCN.
  Chapter 4: Browsing for shows in the Guide (1.5 MB, PDF)
A detailed description on browsing for programming by time, channel, theme and beyond.
  Chapter 5: Searching for shows in the Guide (1.3 MB, PDF)
Step-by-step instructions on how to conduct searches for shows by title.
  Chapter 6: Setting Timers and Recording (1.3 MB, PDF)
Provides steps for setting current and future recordings using your VCR.
  Chapter 7: Purchasing Pay-Per-View (1.3 MB, PDF)
Full details on how to easily order current and future Pay-Per-View movies and events.
  Chapter 8: Customizing Settings (1.3 MB, PDF)
An overview on managing settings, timers, purchases, personal preferences and the VCR Controller device
  Chapter 9: Viewing in High Definition TV (1.2 MB, PDF)
Explores how to view in HDTV, and customize output formats and aspect ratios.
  Chapter 10: Using Parental Control (1.4 MB, PDF)
Complete step-by-step instructions on how to set locks by channel, title, rating and time.


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