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RCN E-mail / News / FTP / Online Game Settings (All Settings)


NOTE: As a result of our name change from Starpower to RCN, you will see the mail server information listed with the RCN domain name (for example as opposed to You may elect to switch to the settings shown in this solution, or choose to keep you current e-mail settings. Since the Starpower domain uses the same servers as RCN, the names and are interchangeable.

This page provides server settings you may need for using e-mail, news, FTP, locating your free website and online gaming.

Incoming Mail Server - ( Port 110)
Outgoing Mail Server - ( Port 25)
E-Mail Account Storage 25 MB
FTP Server - ( Port 21)
Customer Homepage URL
Amount of WEB Space 10 MB
Primary DNS #1 - (
Secondary DNS #1 - (
Primary DNS #2 - (
Secondary DNS #2 - (
Default Gateway If your IP address is:
then gateway is:
Domain Name - (
RCN Gaming Servers Server name Max # of players
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 32
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
(both servers have Punkbuster enabled)
RTCW Enemy Territory is NOT available on these servers.
(cs-2 is running Cheating Death)

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