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RCN FTP and Web Space FAQs

Info Detail
FTP server (
FTP port 21
Anonymous FTP access Not permitted
URL location where "smith" is replaced with your own user id.
Amount of web space 10MB
Purchase additional web space 5MB, 10MB and 15MB increments
Domain hosting Not permitted on free 10MB webspace.
Shell access Not permitted
.asp pages Not permitted on free 10MB webspace.
CGI / Perl access Allowed
Change file permissions Allowed
Add "hit" counter Allowed

What is RCN's FTP server and port?
Port 21

Does RCN permit anonymous FTP access?

How much web space does a cablemodem account come with?
How much web space does a dial-up account come with?

Cablemodem and dial-up accounts come with 10 MB of web space each.

How do I obtain or create my web space?
Your 10MB of web space is created automatically the first time you connect to our FTP server:

Simply type the following line into the Address or Location line in your browser and hit the Enter key. In this example, your user id is: smith and your password is: 123456. You will replace these with your own user id and password.

What is my homepage / URL?
Your URL or homepage location is: where "smith" is replaced with your own user id.

How do I make web pages?
RCN does not provide HTML support, but the Internet contains a vast resource for beginner web designers. Two good places to start are The Web Design Group and

How do I add my web page to search engines?
You can add your website to search engines, such as Yahoo, Lycos, or Google. Please visit their respective pages to find further information.

Can I purchase additional web space?
Yes. RCN offers additional web space in 5MB, 10MB and 15MB increments which are added to your existing free 10MB of web space. The most web space you can purchase at this time is 25MB total which includes your 10MB of free space.

Can I direct a domain name to my web space?
Yes. You should conduct a search on the Internet for "domain registrars" to find one that suits your needs.

Does RCN offer domain hosting for residential web space?
Yes if you purchase or transfer a domain name with RCN.

Does RCN offer shell account access for residential web space?

How do I check how much web space I have used?
You can log into our Usertools area to check your current web space usage.

Can I use Active Server Pages (.asp) on my residential web space?
No, ASP is not available for your free 10MB of residential web space.

Can I use CGI or Perl on my residential web space?
Yes, CGI and Perl can be used in the residential web space, however RCN does not provide technical support.

Can I change the permissions for files I upload to my residential web space?
Yes. User FTP directories are set to global read and user write by default. This means that anyone on the Internet can see and download your files, but they cannot erase, modify or upload files. You can change the permissions on your files by using any FTP client that supports the "SITE" or "chmod" commands. Two websites that may be of help are:
How do I change permissions on a file? - University of Pennsylvania

Using chmod - UNIX User's Guide

Can I add a counter to my residential web space?
Yes. You need to Insert the following line into your web page and upload this page to your space.
<img src="">

In this example, you need to replace "smith" with your own user id.


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