RCN offers a smooth, seamless, super-fast streaming experience.

Entertainment at its Best with RCN

RCN Internet service continues to top the charts when it comes to delivering a superior customer experience.

Netflix’s speed index ranks RCN at the top of the list. Even during peak viewing hours – RCN customers experience better picture quality, faster access to content and more reliable playback.

RCN is YouTube HD Verified. The Google Video Quality report shows RCN consistently delivers HD-quality video without buffering or interruptions. This means that RCN High Speed Internet customers receive an outstanding video streaming experience.

For streaming movies and music, watching and sharing video, playing games and using social media RCN’s Internet service ranks the best for strong, consistent and smooth delivery.

RCN is YouTube Verfied

Delivering an Optimized Netflix Stream

A Direct Connection

RCN has a direct local connection with Netflix. As a Netflix Open Connect partner, RCN houses Netflix local servers filled with the most popular content. Enjoy thousands of TV shows, movies and original series such as Orange Is the New Black right at your fingertips.

RCN offers Internet customers something few other providers can – the fastest Netflix connections and the best Netflix viewing experience! Stream highest-quality HD video via the Internet – sharper, clearer, and crisper images compared to standard HD.

Enjoy Netflix on multiple devices
Enjoy all these great entertainment options with RCN Internet & Digital TV services today!
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RCN's customer service has always been terrific!



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