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PC Magazine continues to ask its readers about the products and services they use and the companies they love - and readers love RCN! PC Magazine Readers rated RCN top of the list in speed, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Ultra Reliable

Ultra Reliable

RCN delivers a consistent, reliable, smooth and dependable Internet connection that everyone in your home can enjoy.

Voted #1 for Reliability

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

PC Magazine Readers agree that RCN Internet provides an outstanding customer experience- delivering on our Customer Pledge.

Voted #1 for Overall Satisfaction

Mega fast Speeds

Mega fast Speeds

RCN Internet is extraordinarily fast, offering connection speeds up to 110 Mbps over our fiber-rich network.

Voted #2 for Speed

High-speed modem required for RCN High-Speed Internet service. If a data outlet is needed, an additional outlet fee may apply in addition to applicable installation fees. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. The actual range and reliability of a wireless network is affected by a number of factors. Downstream data speed may be affected by whether the data accessed is cached or non-cached; Internet-related factors, such as the location and configuration of each accessed server; internal network factors, including customer compliance with RCN usage policies set forth in the acceptable usage policy; the level of overall traffic; and the customer’s computer configuration.

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The availability of services, pricing and offerings displayed on this site are for residential new RCN customers only. Commercial and business pricing and service offerings differ.

We switched back to RCN and have been consistently pleased with RCN's service, courtesy, and competence! We couldn't be happier that we are, once again, RCN clients.

Switching Is Easy

With same-day installation, two-hour service windows and 24/7 customer support, switching to RCN has never been easier.

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