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Digital Cable TV in D.C. Metro

Included Features

Your digital cable comes with some pretty cool free features like hundreds of channels, awesome HD channels, Video ON DEMAND & more. Keep reading for a description of everything you’ll get.

Digital Cable

Get Up To 305 Digital Channels Included

More Channels, More Choices

When you order Premiere Digital Cable you get 305 channels or select Signature Digital Cable with 270 channels. The channel lineup in D.C. Metro is always expanding with new and exciting channels.

Digital Cable

Get Up To 76 Free High Definition Channels

Say Hi To Hi-Def

Good news, 76 popular HD channels are free with Premiere Digital Cable. Just choose between a HD or HD/DVR converter box to access them. You can also add the HD Expanded Pack for even more HD channels.

Digital Cable

2,500 Free Hours of Video ON DEMAND

It's On Demand… Not On Your Bill

Get free and unlimited access to thousands of hours of popular programming that you can watch whenever you want (including entire seasons of past shows), with new stuff added every week.

Digital Cable

Interactive Program Guide

See What's On Next Week… No Super Powers Necessary

Find your shows fast with customized searches by title, actor, category or keyword. The guide gives you on-screen descriptions for programs and you can browse ahead to see what's coming up.

Digital Cable

Digital Converter Box

Access All Your Digital Channels

Your cable service includes a digital converter box so you can view your 100% digital channels. Upgrade to an HD converter box to watch channels in high definition or take charge of your TV watching with an HD/DVR.

Learn more about converter box options

Cable or Satellite?

The choice is easy.

Easier installation. We just connect your new converter box to our fiber-optic network. No bulky satellite dish. No messy wiring. No dangerous trips to the roof.

Easier on your wallet. If you have a HD converter box, you have free HD channels. Satellite companies charge monthly fees for their HD programming and we don’t.

Easier connection. Satellite dish reception can be obstructed or temporarily blocked by rogue clouds. Unlike the weather, cable service is predictable.

Easier updates. We can beam system updates and new features to your converter box without an installation visit. You’ll be first in line to get the latest technology.

Easier savings. Create a custom bundle by adding Internet and phone service to your bill and save loads of cash every month.


Service offerings are contingent upon RCN verification that the specific address covered by the service request is an RCN serviceable location. Prices do not include taxes, franchise fees or other surcharges. Services and pricing are subject to change. All photos used within are intellectual properties of their respective owners. Services are subject to terms and conditions of RCN’s subscriber agreements, on-line policies, and other applicable terms and conditions. Other restrictions may apply.

*Offer ends May 31, 2015 and is limited to new residential customers satisfying applicable eligibility criteria. Not available in all areas. Not all channels and features are available in all areas. Not all premium channel offers are available with Limited Basic Cable TV packages. Not all HD channels are available with Limited Basic Cable TV packages. Programming, channel location and packaging subject to change. RCN [Basic/Signature Digital] Cable TV service needed to access other levels of service. An HD (high-definition) converter box is required at an additional monthly charge to receive HD Channels. Equipment may be needed for the TiVo Home Whole Bundle; pricing may vary. Leased equipment must be returned to RCN if service is canceled. Prices do not include equipment, taxes, franchise fees or other surcharges. A Broadcast TV Surcharge of $5.98 is applicable to all RCN cable packages with Basic Digital TV Tier and higher, and a Sports Surcharge of $3.97 is applicable to all RCN cable packages with Signature Digital TV Tier and/or Premier Tier and/or Sports Packages/Tiers. An Entertainment Networks Surcharge of $2.00 is applicable to all RCN cable packages with Signature Digital TV Tier and/or Premier Tier and/or Sports Packages/Tiers. Read more on surcharges >>

Free ON DEMAND programming is limited.

To receive HD features and benefits, an HD television, HD converter remote control and other equipment is required. An HD-capable TV set with component, HDMI or DVI inputs that supports 1080i and meets RCN specifications for DVR service required. Advertised channels/stations may provide some non-HD programming. HD programming is limited to the programming provided to RCN in HD format by the content provider.