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With hundreds of international choices, your TV can go anywhere you want it to. It’s not about what you want to watch anymore. It’s about where you want to watch. Welcome to Global Passport.


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Russian Channel Packages

Simply put, ordering an international channel package means getting the most variety, in the language you want, for the best value. And if you don’t see the exact combination you’re looking for, you can always create a custom international package by ordering channels individually.

Best Value Package
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Russian Channels

Digital Cable

$15.95/mo.NTV America

Language: Russian
This Russian-language channel broadcasts original programming including live daily newscasts and a variety of feature films, TV serials, popular game shows and Russian/European soccer coverage.

Digital Cable


Language: Russian
Programming includes daily Russian newscasts, entertainment, educational, and sports programs, movies and documentaries, talk shows, game shows and kid’s programs.

Digital Cable


Language: Russian
This channel offers a variety of Russian movies, sitcoms, talk shows, game shows and children’s shows in addition to Canadian programming.

Digital Cable

$14.95/mo.Channel One Russia

Language: Russian
This well-known Russian network broadcasts popular game shows and reality shows in addition to original productions, films and political coverage.

Digital Cable


Language: Russian
Broadcasts 24-7, Russian-language news programs, movies, game shows, soap operas and more.


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