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Digital Video Recorders

Customers with Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

Delve deeper into all of your DVR functionality, including live TV features, new search tools, and scheduling recordings. Simply click on a link below to download the applicable chapter.

  Chapter 1: Watching TV (1.6 MB, PDF)
A general guide to pausing, playing, rewinding and instant replaying Live TV.
  Chapter 2: Find TV Shows (2.1 MB, PDF)
Discover how to quickly find programming by time, channel, theme, title or keyword.
  Chapter 3: Saving TV Shows (1.6 MB, PDF)
In-depth details on recording single shows or reoccurring shows within a series.
  Chapter 4: Viewing Saved Shows (1.9 MB, PDF)
Detailed directions on accessing and playing all of your saved programming.
  Chapter 5: Managing Saved Shows (1.7 MB, PDF)
Instructions on manually or automatically erasing content to make room for new recordings.
  Chapter 6: Managing Your Upcoming Recordings (1.7 MB, PDF)
Specific information on how to find, modify or cancel upcoming recordings.
  Chapter 7: Managing Your Series Recordings (1.7 MB, PDF)
Step-by-step instructions on finding and canceling series recordings, and setting recording priorities.
  Chapter 8: Video Output Formats (1.6 MB, PDF)
Get help setting aspect ratios, like standard and widescreen, that are supported by your TV.


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