Choosing the Right Internet Speed for Your Small Business

Internet Speeds for Small Business

The importance of Internet connectivity spans across a multitude of industries and businesses, both big and small. As a small business owner, this is especially important to foster employee engagement and growth. Everything from customer contact, to processing credit card transactions, to utilizing applications through the cloud, the efficiency of online access is crucial for your business’s needs. What is even more crucial is the type of Internet you use.

Internet speed tiers enable everyday business tasks like streaming video, sending or downloading large files through emails more efficient and reliable. With this in mind, you’ll want to work with a telecommunications provider to identify how much bandwidth your company actually uses in order to select the best Internet speed solution. Most providers will offer a variety of speed tiers. Use the guide below to help understand what you should be looking for in an Internet service provider.

# of Users or Devices Best Used For Other
2-4 Email Web Browsing
3-6 High volume transaction processing Web browsing & file sharing
8-12 Regular on-line backups and file sharing Ecommerce & hosted servers
10-14 Regular access to cloud-based applications Video streaming and conferencing
12-16 Multiple hosted websites Extensive document backup via the cloud

Internet speed is crucial for all businesses but with the right telecommunications provider your solution could be one click away. Set your small business on the right path to growth and accelerated productivity with RCN Business Internet Services, today.