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Stormwatch Information

Storm Watch

Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.

RCN continues to monitor the storm as it passes through our area. Teams and resources will remain in place until weather conditions improve.

While RCN is taking additional measures to manage any service issues that may arise, road closures, ongoing snow removal efforts and other travel restrictions may impact response times. Commercial power outages are also possible. Should you lose power to your home, cable services cannot be restored until commercial power is back up and running. We will be working around the clock to manage your service needs during this event.

Your safety and the safety of our team members are important to RCN. Please follow any travel and weather advisories. Visit this page for ongoing news and updates.

New York City

The blizzard warning for New York City has been adjusted to a winter storm warning as of Tuesday morning. Some additional accumulations are expected through Tuesday with gusty winds continuing. Local RCN customer service centers will be closed today (Tuesday, 1/27). All RCN customer appointments in New York planned for today (1/27) will be rescheduled.


Moderate to heavy snow will continue across New England through Tuesday evening. Commercial power outages are minimal. Local RCN customer service centers will be closed today (Tuesday, 1/27) and possibly tomorrow (Wednesday 1/28). All RCN customer appointments in Boston planned for today (1/27) will be rescheduled.

Lehigh Valley PA, Philadelphia & Washington DC

At this time, RCN operations are business as usual for Tuesday 1/27 in these areas.

When To Contact Us

Your Situation

Do You Need To Contact Us?

You do not have electrical power at your home.

NO - your home TV, High Speed Internet and Voice services depend on electrical power.

You have electrical power at home and no one in your neighborhood has cable.

NO - we are already aware of and working to repair network outages.

You have electrical power, but do not have cable service and your neighbor’s cable is working.

YES - restoring the damage to your cable may require additional technical support. Contact Us

The cable that connects directly to your home (the service drop) is down.

YES - to restore your service the service drop must be repaired. Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I have TV service but it goes in and out and the picture quality is not as good as usual.
A: Temporary fluctuations in your cable service may occur throughout the restoration period. You may experience brief losses of your cable services or degradation of picture quality as the power continues to be restored throughout the area.

Q: I do not currently have electrical power or TV, Internet or Voice services. Should I call to arrange for a service call?
A: If you DO NOT have electrical power restored to your home, you will not have cable services. You should not call for a service call until your electrical power at your home has been restored.

Q: Why did I lose my TV, Internet and Voice services and still have power?
A: While RCN’s facilities are generally located on the same poles as electric companies, the utilities are often fed from a different power source than the cable. There are different “distribution” points along the way. If one of these distribution points does not have commercial power, your cable will not work.

Q: My neighbor has TV, Internet and Voice services but I do not.
A: If you have electrical power at your home, but no TV, Internet or Voice service, please Contact Us. If you DO NOT have commercial power restored you will not have cable services.

Helpful Tips

Before the Storm

Be prepared and have an emergency plan in place. If you don’t have a plan and need help making one, visit

Keep your RCN account information and our contact phone numbers handy. See Contact Us for more information.

Stay informed by listening to radio and TV bulletins and by reading our website updates.

Report any low-hanging cable lines before a storm.

After the Storm

Stay inside your home until your Emergency Center advises otherwise. Always remember to stay away from fallen wires.

Keep debris clear of cable pedestal.

We will keep you informed of restoration progress via Our Website, Facebook and Twitter as electricity is restored and updates are available.

Helpful Resources

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