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The George Washington University Service Upgrade Information


Here are the NEW upgrades available for you:

HD/DVR Converters

Get all the 100% digital channels already included in your package, as well as additional HD channels... What’s more, you’ll also have a built-in DVR that allows you to pause, rewind, and record live TV. Our dual tuner HD/DVRs even let you record two shows while watching a previously recorded show.

Premium Channels

You already have HBO® and Showtime® as part of your basic service, but here at RCN, we offer lots more. Cinemax® and Starz® both offer first-run blockbuster hits, as well as groundbreaking original series.

International Channels

Everyone should have the choice to go international. Watch popular channels from around the world, and expand your cultural horizons right from your TV. These are just a few of our 90+ international channels: