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Enjoy the power and ease of the TiVo® experience. Far more than a DVR, RCN TiVo integrates Digital TV, RCN On Demand, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and more! It’s the one system you need for TV shows, apps, movies, music, and all your entertainment. Endless entertainment has never been easier!

Take your TiVo to the Next Level with a Whole Home Bundle

The TiVo Whole Home Bundle lets you connect your TiVo devices for easy streaming, recording, and sharing from any room!

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TiVo Equipment

TiVo T6

  • Record 6 HD shows at once
  • Store up to 150 HD or 1,000 SD hours (1 Terabyte)
  • Stream or download recorded shows to your smartphone or tablet
  • Upgrade to a Whole Home Bundle! Start a show in one room and finish it in another
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TiVo Premiere Q

  • Record 4 HD shows at once
  • Store up to 75 HD or 650 SD hours (500 Gigabytes)
  • Access RCN On Demand (thousands of hours of On Demand content)
  • Upgrade to a Whole Home Bundle! Start a show in one room and finish it in another
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TiVo Premiere

  • Record 2 HD shows at once
  • Store up to 45 HD hours
  • Access RCN On Demand (thousands of hours of On Demand content)
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Plus access your favorite web apps like Netflix, Facebook and more on your TV with TiVo!

Get More Out of TiVo with Add-Ons

TiVo Mini

  • TiVo Mini can access shows from your TiVoT6 or TiVo Premiere Q, anywhere in your home
  • Start watching in one room, finish it on your TiVo Mini in another
  • Watch live TV, recorded shows or web entertainment from your TiVo Mini
  • Search, schedule and record your shows from your TiVo Mini.
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TiVo Preview

  • The TiVo Preview offers a user friendly menu serving up digital cable TV.
  • By itself, the TiVo Preview is an HD converter box without the ability to record.
  • As part of Whole Home Bundle, the TiVo Preview can access recorded content and allows multi-room streaming.
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Digital TV Boxes

HD/DVR Converter Box

  • Pause, rewind and record live TV with built in DVR features.
  • Record two shows while watching one previously recorded show.
  • Store up to 20 HD hours or 90 SD hours.
  • Access to thousands of hours of free programming with RCN On Demand.
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HD Converter Box

  • Access brilliant HD Channels
  • Get all the 100% digital channels included in your package with Dolby Digital surround sound.
  • An interactive program guide gives access to thousands of hours of free programming with RCN On Demand.
  • Order your favorite Pay-Per-View events – right from your remote!
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Digital Converter Box

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