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Charitable Giving Guidelines

The following guidelines define our company’s charitable contribution process.

RCN's company-wide contribution efforts reflect our goal to play an active role in the communities that we serve. Providing support to non-profit organizations within our service territories is one way that RCN works towards that goal.

Donation Application Procedures

RCN welcomes requests for support throughout the year consistent with the guidelines set forth below. We do not consider multi-year requests for support. There is no donation application form. Requests must be submitted in writing and include the required information.

Review and Evaluation of Donation Requests

Requests and supporting materials are carefully reviewed. If available funds permit consideration of request, the organization may be asked to provide more complete information before a decision is made.

Notification of donation request approval or rejection will be made in writing within 6-8 weeks of receipt of all materials. We do not respond to telephone or email follow-ups.

Ineligible Requests

Since RCN receives funding requests far in excess of its annual donation program, we must unfortunately decline support to many worthy organizations and programs.

Donation Requests

All donation requests should be submitted to:

RCN Telecom Services, LLC
650 College Road East
Suite 3100
Princeton, NJ 08540

Attn: Public Relations - Charitable Giving


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